Which Degree is better option for Staring career in nursing? suggest me from RN or LPN degree…?

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  1. moon crystal says:

    Depends. Do you need to have a career ASAP? LPN will get you done faster, and you can bridge to RN later. Also depends on the competition in your area. Getting into any sort of nursing school is crazy in Oregon, but it’s a little easier to get into the LPN programs.

    I’m going to school to become an LPN because I needed a career under my best as soon as humanly possible and because competition is absolutely insane where I live. I plan to bridge to RN at a later date.

  2. RN and LPN are licenses, not degrees. The fastest degree to qualify for the RN license is an associate’s degree; the fastest for an LPN may be an associate’s degree or an LPN school. It depends on what formal education you already have and the backlog in your geographic area. Because they are fast and cheap, a lot of community colleges that offer the associate’s have waiting lists of several years, making the BSN route actually faster because you can start sooner.

  3. You must first have your Licensed Practical Nurse [LPN] and if interested in a career progression, then the next logical choice is to transition in to Registered Nurse [RN]. There are 3 requirements that need to be complied to become a Registered Nurse viz., a degree, license and experience. Career outlook for Registered Nurses is quite bright you can move further…
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  4. gimeabrak2000 says:

    i have answered this queesion more times than i can remember
    i am a lpn, with 18 years exp…. always planned to go back, but things happen
    and happens to many
    just get your RN now, please don’t waste your time
    you will be happy you did
    good luck my fellow nurse