Which military branch is best with a nurse(LPN) background?

Im thinking about joining the military and will be getting my LPN soon. What jobs in the military can I do with this? and which branch(es) would be best?

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  1. Joshua D says:

    Honestly you can try for medic in all branches but you would enlist so no job is gauranteed based on education… Best bet would be to finsh LPN then go for couple more years for a BA in Nursing

  2. Navy Nurse says:

    To my knowledge, you need to have your BSN and RN license to enter into any branch of the military for nursing. Keep in mind though, that is to enter the military as an Officer. Without your degree, you can still enter the military, but you will enter Enlisted, and can maybe work as a Corpsman. I was an Officer in the Navy Nurse Corp for 4 years and was a Lieutenant when my obligation was fulfilled. I entered into the Navy in 2003, so things may have changed since then, but that was the requirement at that time.

    As far as which branch to pick, I chose the Navy because of their sign on bonus and their duty stations. Pretty much any of the places you can be stationed at are by the ocean. I was stationed in San Diego.

    If your interested in the military, my best advice is to talk to a recruiter and get some information. People are sometimes scared to do that because they think they are going to talk you into signing on the line that day, but thats really not the case. Do your research and find out what options are available to you. I had a great experience and gained a wealth of nursing and leadership knowledge that has quickly advanced me in my current practice. I’ve enclosed a few websites that can hopefully give you a little more insight and information. Best of Luck with your decision!

  3. Margaritavillian says:

    The Army….and LPN is an ENLISTED job only RN can be officers (and for now the Army Reserve will not take AdN)