Which Navy Jobs Carry Over To Civilian Jobs?

I’m thinking about joining the Navy. For the time being, while I’m still doing research, I’m considering the Corpsman position.
From my understanding thus far of the Corpsman position (or should I call it rating?), it’s roughly the civilian equivalent of an EMT, maybe LPN.
That’s one example of a job that might carry over. Which other Navy jobs can you think of that carry over to the civilian workforce?
Also, one other thing that may be worth noting; enlisted jobs, not officer jobs.

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  1. Allow me to answer your question with a few questions and hopefully you can find the answer you are looking for on your own.
    1. Do you want to make a career out of the military? If you do then how the job you will be doing applies to the civilian world is of little consequence.
    2. What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? Do you have an “idea” of what you want to do with your life, if so you can drastically narrow your focus.
    3. Do you want a mentally demanding job or a physically demanding job? The more mentally demanding a job chances are you can apply what you learn across a broad spectrum of fields, the more physically demanding the less opportunity you may have.
    I ask because the Navy has way too many job fields to list and explain here. Do a little research see what catches your eye and think about where you want to be in ten years, then come back here and pose your question again with a narrower focus and I guarantee you will get some fantastic info and useful opinions.

  2. Navy Recruiter says:

    All jobs in the Navy can carry over to a civilian career! When and if you go to MEPS and you choose a job they will give you that job sheet and it will have a list of jobs that you can do in the civilian world with the training you received. Also the best thing to remember is go to college while you are in the Navy and get a SOCNAV degree. That’s a degree that coalates(hope I spelled that right) with the job you do in the Navy.

  3. I have done well in translating my job to other things but I was lucky and really good at it.
    The other successful guys that I have seen and known signed up for logistics. Not super exiting for sure. But applicable later for working in any organization later. In any organization one needs to eventually hit management.

  4. Corpman position is roughly an EMT. and i mean roughly. Yes it is similar, but not equivalent. Intelligence is a good career thatll give u opportunites in civilian life. Also Seabee’s. If you go Seabees, you’ll have a good chance at a civil engineering job.

  5. i was a nuclear trained MM, and got a job at a civilian nuclear power plant. nuke stuff transfers to any job

  6. IT/CTR stuff could probably land you a job with a company like google. There’s tons of IT companies out there.

  7. Frederick Fujii III says: