Why are LPN’s constantly trying to discourage me from pursuing an RN degree?

I am a CNA and I’ve been looking for a job at nursing homes so I can eventually have some money to pay for my education to become an RN. But some places that I have applied to have these LPN’s on staff that ask me if I’m going to try to go further in nursing. When I tell them that I will be starting in spring at the local cc, to get all my pre reqs, they start pointing me into the direction of all these different schools so I become an LPN. They say “Trust me, I know what I’m telling you”. I have made up my mind no to take that route because I do not want to add another step to my plans, but why do they keep telling me to trust them. Community college is not even that expensive. Can anybody think of reasons why they are telling me to trust them? I mean they talk to me like I am not capable of educating myself on my options and making a decision on my own, which I already have.
I mean, I have already wasted enough time, I graduated high school in 2008 and I will be starting on the pre reqs in spring!!!! There is no way taking that extra step could be smart. I became a CNA to help pay for it, why do they keep telling me this?

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  1. Larkynsmommy says:

    Because more people are pursuing a degree (two yr) to be an RN, with a much better salary base. LPN’s are becoming scarce, and they just are worried there will not be enough LPN’s. I am assuming, they just want you to follow in their fottsteps to avoid an even bigger shortage of LPN’s, could be some jealousy/envy they never went on to be an RN. Whatever it is, do what you want to do, you have to make yourself happy, not them.

  2. Expert Realtor says:

    They keep telling you that because it’s true.

    I come from a large medical family.

    The training for an LPN is different from an RN…RN’s are trained in disease process and assessing a patient…LPN’s are not.

    LPN’s do not “do the same thing” as RN’s..if they did…they wouldn’t be paid 50% less than RN’s.

    LPN’s are also being phased out in many hospitals…many find that they can only find work in nursing homes or other less desirable jobs. You can never work a job in management, etc.

    It takes LONGER if you get your LPN, then bridge through an LPN to RN program…PLUS you have to take your state boards to get your LPN THEN you have to take your state boards to be an RN.

    If you are that broke, then you should be able to qualify for financial aid to pay for all of it.

  3. YoungTwan says:

    this might help you !!!

  4. Go for the RN degree. Your future will be much better and your pay much higher. You then can also go for becoming a Nurse Practitioner. Another step up. Some jealousy may be involved or something self-serving. Very few Nursing Homes have a number of RN’s on Staff.
    Go for the top and good luck.

  5. Doctor Deth says:

    they don;t want you to make more money than them. they probably couldn’t hack the RN schooling, so they are jealous of anyone else wanting to go that route – RN’s make a LOT more money than LPN’s.

    it doesn’t take much more schooling to become an RN vs. an LPN - you’re still only talking about 2 years, I believe.

    ignore them.

  6. most LPN professionals are close to retiring and dont want to go back to school. Theyre bitter and unhappy and dont want you making more money than them nor do they want YOU–somebody YOUNGER than them—working ‘over’ them. get your RN! they’ll retire soon.

  7. Nurse of the future says:

    Because you are becoming an RN and they don’t want you to be above them or make more money than them. Trust me it is way better to get your RN first and that’s what i am doing. I know people who got their LVN first and regretted it big time and had to spend more years in college to get their RN. It is just their opinion and well everyone has one but you don’t have to always listen to other peoples.

  8. Ignore them and become an RN. You’ll make more money, have more job options, and have a wider scope of practice. You’re still young, there’s plenty of time to spend the extra time in school to get the RN. I didn’t start prereqs until I was 23 and I still decided to go for not just the RN but the BSN as well. Good luck!