Why do vocational schools offer LPN (Nursing) training when no one is hiring LPNs in NY (spec. L.I. NY)?

With flue epidemics etc. it’s insane that nursing schools are so rare in NY and private schools are very expensive. I was thinking of getting LPN license which is relatively easy to get compared to an RN license but hospitals are no longer hiring LPNs. Is it just nursing homes? Does anyone know what to expect for a salary in Suffolk County, Long Island. Tried looking it up but on Salary.com etc. but no luck. Also I am 50 but still have a long way to go. Does anyone out there think it’s a good idea to get an LPN or a waste of time? thank you!
UPDATE: Checked with the vocational training school and they have an affiliation with the local colleges that offer RN licensing. So the answer is go to train for LPN, complete it there and have a better chance to get into a nursing program. Unfortunately for me I’m too old. So will end up a HHA with a LPN license ….such as life.

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  1. LPN’s are still being hired. Go for it./