Why won’t anyone hire me?

I’m a new LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse). I got my license last November and have been looking for a job ever since. I have sent my resume and filled out applications at almost every health care facility in my area and either don’t get any call at all or get told I don’t have enough experience. I know I don’t have experience, what new nurse does? I just don’t understand why there are literally 10-15 advertisements for LPN’s in my area daily and they seem really desperate for nursing help yet they won’t give me the time of day? It’s frustrating, I’m unemployed, I spent 18 months training for my new career and took out ,000 in student loans to pay for it and now I can’t get a job. What can I change or do to get the job?

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    Finish the RN or go into EMS.

  2. I think it all depends on your resume. Is there some kind of apprenticeship program? That situation sucks. I did a career change myself and ran into the same problem. Eventually someone gave me a break. Best advice would be just to keep pushing.

  3. you really need to try to talk with somone! they need to see your attitude and see you really want this, try to get in there and talk with an important person dress nice put on a smile and go in there like u own it! the applications and leaving is not doing you justice. put your hand out and introduce yourself insist that you need to speak with them, and if they see your attitude sense your energy they will give you a chance and give you time. just need to be face to face.

  4. Perhaps there is a glut of LPNs in your area, and while the employers could be picking people with previous nursing, LPN or even home health care experience, they are also probably looking at things like knowing a second or third language, etc.

    You may need to look outside of your area for work, or if there is a type of LPN association, perhaps you can see about talking to someone to help you with your job search; your school might also have an alumni group which could also help with your search.

    And, again, there are a lot of LPNs around; if you can manage it, I agree with the suggestions in furthering your career as a RN, EMT or Paramedic; or you can try to ‘specialize’ within a field such as geriatrics, pediatrics, OB/GYN clinics, etc.

  5. scott-irish says:

    My theory is : Millions of people have lost their jobs in the last couple of years and probably half of them jumped into a nursing program because they heard it was very good pay and that there was a shortage of nurses . Now the market is flooded with nurses and the health care facilities can afford to be very picky about who they hire thus they now want ” experienced LPNs . Also consider that at every place you apply there is probably a nurse or receptionist or whatever already working there that has a sister , neice , brother-in-law , BFF, next door neighbor , or whatever that also just finished nursing school . You can bet your sweet ass that they are going to help their family member/ buddy get their foot in the door so even those new LPNs are going to have an unfair advantage over you in getting a job . Sucks I know , but that’s just the way it bees sometimes .

  6. Moon Crystal says:

    Does your school have a career services department? If they do, talk to them and see what can be done. Ask teachers for letters of recommendation.

    Have a flexible schedule and be willing to work any shift available.

    Volunteer as an LPN to gain experience and possibly build some bridges with people that can help you get a job. It’ll suck that you aren’t getting paid when you need the money.

    Have you tried applying for companies that one would think had no need for nurses? I know someone who works for State Farm Insurance and she says that they hire nurses.
    In the meanwhile, start looking into LPN to RN programs.

    Best of luck.

  7. Have you looked into temp agencies, home health care, state psych hospital, hospice or medical offices?

  8. Pumpkin’s response is right on. Have you checked into signing up with an RN registry in your neighborhood?

    Good Luck!