Will the transition to become an LPN be smooth?

I just got medically released from the army. I was a medic for 6 years. I would like to continue in the same direction outside the military. I’m starting an LPN (licensed practical nursing) program in the fall. Do you think I’ll have a smooth transition? I’m comfortable with blood draws, have had experience with catheters, wound care, vitals etc. I’m really nervous. This is my first time going to college. I don’t do well with presentations or speeches, however I’m confident one on one with a patient, so I know that won’t get in the way. Any suggestions for me, or comments? I’d love for someone to say “oh, you’ll have no problems!” But please be honest. Thanks.

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  1. Part of the move will be very smooth. Catheter care, blood draws, vitals – those are marketable skills you already have. You will run into bumps with re-learning what you can and can’t do. Army medics perform field trauma care that isn’t included in the scope of practice for an LPN. You will have to leave some of your skills at the door. Another bump will be that LPNs focus on non-acute care. Your training will be a little different, which might cause some frustration. You’ll learn care plans and paperwork and not so much “doing stuff”. Other than that, you’ll be fine. I’d encourage you to go into an RN program after you finish your LPN.