Women In 40′s Needs Advise?

I am/ made friends with a woman who has a few older teen kids. She is 40. I thought … she was trying to help me with choosing a short term vocational path.. to obtain some skills for the job market.. that would not only enable me to make good money.. but to obtain an editor for my book… which can cost me. She knows.. this is done.. and who I am.. and what I am 200% happy doing. I wrote a children’s book series and illustrated the whole book. I am pretty talented. However.. you do need money to get things done the right way. So… she tells me she use to be a Medical Assistant and suggested insistently.. that I go to become either an LPN or RN Or Both.

Well.. I did mention to her a while back I did take the CNA course for 6 weeks. They make about 12-14.00 an hour. She kept going on how she use to do nursing work and how its a thankless job.. and she hated it. I always talk about being a writer which is my dream. However in life sometimes.. desperate times call for desperate measures. So.. she went on and on tonight.. how horrible it was for her.. and how she has no respect for nurses and what a horrible job it was But.. said it would be good for me because I am older. Personally..if I did not have the artistic flare and talent I do.. I would have gone to 7 years of school to be a lawyer instead.

I am 46. I have no idea how long it will take me to save the money I need for my edit. Depending on how many hours I get as a CNA and what my hourly is. I may be able to do it without LPN one year training.. Or.. I may be able to go just for LPN as something to bring in decent pay in the mean time.. until my book is Published which can take a few years yet.

(My Question Is)….. Why is she pushing me into an area that only because my back is against the wall in this economy of ours .. I am being forced into a corner.. for job security.. and because I can not come close to making this money anywhere other then medical. Which I can do alone with CNA.. Or With LPN… But.. why push for RN for me? She knows my main objective and goal is to save money for this edit. Which can cost 5-8 thousand for a Very Top Of The Line Edit.
I didn’t want the saving to take me 4 or so years.. on 10.00 an hour pay.. which barely covers anything I have to pay in life. I am self supporting.

I found it disturbing that she ignored my work completed.. my talent and pushing me to the RN limit when she knows this is not at all my goal or dream.. or objective in life. Its also an area she hates. So… why would she say its good for you not me? That is so.. wrong.

She claims because she has kids and is 40 she needs money.. defaulted on a student loan and needs financial help.

I am lost on this…please help me understand. I don’t have many ways to make the pay of CNA or LPN. I think one or both for me will be adequate until I am Published. Why is she trying to get me off track of my calling and path?


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  1. Jimmy Manno says:

    Dont loose your dream. forget that job shes pushing you into because your dream will fade away .and thats what shes counting on! your smart,you`ll figure something out.good luck.that person is not your true friend,think about it.

  2. find you a commissions sales job. That is if your good with people…sales is the highest paid profession. Get into sales that people need all the time like pest control